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Explore your spirit & creativity

We host a series of workshops and training sessions covering a host of different topics.

All the sessions are designs to offer a greater insight in to yourself. To better understand your needs, help you define your purpose and consider the requirements for your own well-being.

The deeper our understanding of self, energy and the world around us, the better we are able to connect with others and bring a greater balance to our lives.


Unlocking Potential with Art & Colour

Next date 5th June 2021 | 10am – 5pm

£45 per person

Why are we attracted to certain colours? Why can they evoke different emotions depending on our situation? 

This is a one-day experimental workshop to look deeper into personal development and understanding. Through learning more about what colours mean to us, we can forge deeper connections with people, places and things in daily life.

All Workshops will include.

  • Meditation and mindset exercises
  • Personal development and well-being
  • Simple techniques relating to the subject
  • Workbooks and how to guides
  • Group and partner practice
  • Demonstrations by specialists
  • Lectures from guest speakers
  • Question and answer sessions

We are running workshops for students at different stages of their development and covering 3 main areas.

  • Art & sensitivity – Drawing & feeling in art
  • Personal development – Colour, healing & well-being
  • Energy & philosophy – Spirit art, energy & connection

Workshops are ran by Richard Stuttle with special guest speakers.

Please register your interest below and we will get in touch with our list of available workshops. Thank you

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