Painting Tuition

Painting Courses and Public Demonstrations

Developing painting ability

Every environment lends itself to a different medium, Oils, Acrylics and Watercolours have their own distinct feel and need to be considered carefully before starting a painting.


“Expand your artistic ability, learn new skills and explore painting.”


As artists we are constantly learning, a day’s painting tuition or evening class can really help develop your drawing and painting skills. By understand more about perspective, composition, colour and tone we can progress our abilities. Painting from life is one of the best ways to develop more advanced oil and watercolour techniques.

Basic outline

  • Introduction about drawing and art.
  • Quick sketching and finding the right subject.
  • Working on colour, atmosphere and detail.
  • Show your work, discuss and offer feedback.

All courses and evening classes cover different aspects of painting, course content can be tailored to the group or individuals needs.

Public Demonstrations

Richard is an accomplished lecturer and teacher, speaking at many art and design expos around the world. He talks passionately about his work, how he approaches new projects and discusses all elements relating to marketing and design.

His work has given him opportunity to work with wide selection of different clients and companies. Other discussion topics include;

  • The Art of Abstraction
  • The Development of Art and Design
  • Significent Figures through the …isms
  • Contemporary Design and Imagination
  • The Future of Art in the Digital Age
  • Marketing, Design and Innovation
  • Hospitality Marketing