Colour Reading & Alignment

Colour Reading & Alignment


A 45 mins Colour Reading & Alignment starts by understanding your auric field. Through artists pastels and drawing we will connect and work to align your field, balancing you in the here and now. A colour reading will look at the past, present and potential future. All colours have meanings which can be interpreted in a unique way for the client. They are a starting point for the reading which can develop into a spirit communication. 

  • The reading will be conducted over Zoom.
  • The reading will be recorded with the clients permission and made available.
  • Any artwork created during the reading will be posted to the client.

All readings will be delivered from our purpose built studio. Once the reading has been purchased, we will contact you to book a convenient time to connect and deliver the reading.

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Richard has worked with art, spirit and energy for over 20 years. He has attended many courses at The Arthur Findlay Collage and trained under some of the worlds top tutors. He has also completed many courses through the SNU.