Experimental Workshop

Unlocking your Creative Potential with Art & Colour

Experimental Workshop

Unlocking your Creative Potential with Art and Colour

Next date 5th June 2021 | 10am – 5pm

£45 per person

This is a one-day experimental workshop to look deeper into the meaning of colour and how creative people can forge deeper connections developing their psychic and intuitive abilities.

During the course you will have time to develop your artistic abilities and learn simple techniques to enhance your skills.

Topics covered during the day

Tuning into our own feelings and how we can better understand ourselves through colour.

Developing psychic communication, connecting to different energies and auric fields.

Creating philosophy through colour and the meaning behind symbols.

How we can use colour for communication and healing.

Giving psychic readings for a sitter using colour and spirit art.

The experimental workshop includes

  • Simple meditation and relaxation with colour
  • How to do a psychic art and colour reading
  • Interpreting symbols and images in your art
  • Group and partner practice with colour and art
  • Group discussion and Q&A session

All materials are provided, you will be working with pencils and pastels. Please feel free to bring your own materials if they are more comfortable to work with.

The workshop is organised through Wellbeing in York at the Raylor Centre which is a COVID safe environment, numbers are restricted to ensure safety. 

Workshop and materials sponsored by Capture Energy Clothing

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