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Painting requires Time, Energy, Thought and Vision

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I believe the best ideas in life begin as a simple thought

Through creativity and design, we can expand a single thought to become something powerful, exciting and unique.

Art, Painting & Design can showcase ideas in engaging ways to different audiences – connecting people and pushing them to view the world from a different perspective.

“We only get one first impression. One opportunity to encourage a closer look.”


Gallery and commissions. Selection of original works. Art is one of my greatest inspirations, painting has always been a pleasure.

Art & Commissions


My interest in creativity and design stretches across various industries and sometimes spills out into blog posts.

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Graphic Design & Print

Brand and profile are of the highest priority. It is important to showcase what you do in a clean, engaging and concise format. – Contemporary Design Online and in Print.

Website Development

Browsing online is completely intuitive. A website should offer all the information your customers needs in an easy to navigate, fully optimised and consistant format. – Combining Functionality and Creativity through Website Design.


Unlocking Potential

Creativity is as much about mindset and mindfulness as it is about skill and ability. Artists spend a large amount of time focusing on one subject and have the opportunity to develop their intuition.

Over the years I have defined my own teaching techniques and workshops which look further into unlocking creative potential and enhancing personal well-being.


Unlocking your Potential with Art & Colour

Next date 5th June 2021 | 10am – 5pm

£45 per person

Why are we attracted to certain colours? Why can they evoke different emotions depending on our situation? 

This is a one-day experimental workshop to look deeper into personal development and understanding. Through learning more about what colours mean to us, we can forge deeper connections with people, places and things in daily life.