Agora Gallery New York, USA. United in Art - New York Exhibition 4th - 25th of June. A collection of Artists from different parts of the world come together to celebrate and exhibit their new and exciting artwork.

I travelled to New York for two months, attended the exhibition and used my time to teach and plein air painting around the city. Based in East Village I was plugged directly in to the art scene and attended many art shows, also visiting the Hamptons for relaxation and painting.

“It was the first time I had been to New York but straight away fell in love, it felt like home as soon as we landed. So much to paint and so many straight lines. I spent days travelling around the city seeing paintings at every turn, a lifetime would not be long enough to paint them all.”

New York Skyline

Medium | Oil on Canvas

Size | 40" - 60"


Preview evening on Friday the 9th December. The event was opened by the Lord Mayor and the exhibition boasted some of the best national and international Artists with a variety of styles and mediums on display.


A retrospective of Richard Stuttle | work from 2006 - 2011

The exhibition highlights some of my work and thoughts over the past 5 years, my inspirations were laid bare. The exhibition included some early sketches and watercolours of picturesque landscape views around the UK. Also on display were large scale oil paintings of professional sports athletes in action.

“Its lovely to see some of my work from years ago, it brings back happy memories. I think walking round from early works to some of my latest projects you can get a real sense of my art through the years. I hope people enjoy it.”


Painting on location during the 64th Cannes Film Festival, capturing on canvas the excitement and atmosphere of the amazing festival. It is the fifth year that I has attended, each year my paintings cut through to the true spirit of Cannes.

"I love Cannes and the surrounding area, normally so relaxed and peaceful except for 10 days a year when the festival happens! I am never lost for subject matter, so many ideas! Paintings are everywhere and you really get the feeling that anything is possible. This year I’m really excited as one of my heroes, Mr Robert De Niro is president of the jury. I am interested to see what he makes of the competition films."

WINTER SEASON 2010 - 2011

Meribel, The Three Valleys, France.

Living in the beautiful resort of Meribel I expanded my series of large scale oil paintings of winter sports and mountain landscapes. I also working towards my summer New York Exhibition 2012 | United in Art. 

"My 10 season in the French Alps and I have become addicted to the beauty and lifestyle, snowboarding on my doorstep along with the amazing mountain skyline as a backdrop. I felt inspired this year and with loads planned for 2011. My work is changing, I am creating more in-depth stories on canvas, the way I am using paint seems to make the pictures flow. Its hard not to love Meribel I feel blessed to be here, it still remains one of most freeing but mysterious places I have ever been."


United in Art Exhibition at the Agora Gallery, New York, U.S.A