Living in London is an event in itself, I spent the summer painting watercolours and oils around the city. With a studio at the Chocolate Factory in Wood Green I spent many days working on large projects in the studio. Also painting on location in famous locations around the city. 

Parkour is a training discipline that developed out of military obstacle course training. Practitioners aim to move quickly and efficiently from one place to another, negotiating the obstacles in between. Popularised in France by David Belle and others in the 1990s and 2000s, parkour uses no equipment other than that found around a cities streets.

"Le parcours" was the original word passed down to David Belle from his father Raymond Belle. This was the term Raymond used when speaking to David about the training he had done. The term derives from "parcours du combattant", the classic obstacle course method of military training proposed by Georges Hébert, but the term "le parcours" was used by Raymond to encompass all of his training including climbing, jumping, running, balancing, and the other methods he undertook in his personal athletic advancement.

Cannes Film Festival, France

Another amazing Cannes Film Festival, capturing the atmosphere of Cannes on canvas. Small landscape oil paintings created on location incorporating the buzz of La Croisette with the back drop of the old town and distant mountains.

"The festival had a great buzz this year and I really enjoyed the 10 days, weather was mostly good and I wanted to concentrate on creating small canvas plein air oil paintings. Met some great people who had interesting conversation and wonderful lives, we shared some amazing experiences that could only happen in Cannes." 


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