My working life was changing and heading down a completely different pathway, recruited in 2014 by the CEO of Law Firm rradar to offer artistic consultancy I was now working full-time.

rradar is a unique law firm educating and empowering businesses with world-leading legal, advisory and design services.

Leading the Design team developing | Art and Creativity | Branding and Marketing | Strategy and Development | Events and Conferences


Leading a team we organised and hosted a TEDx event for rradar called TEDxPocklington 2015. The event focused on communication and creativity. We recruited 17 speakers including specialists from Google, Causelabs, Bradford and Barthel and Big Ideas Collective. They were teachers, world leading artists, strategists and visionaries. The speakers came from UK, US and our Un Investigator fly in from Africa the morning of the event. The event proved to be a huge success.



  • Eric Hunter - Author “The Sherlock Syndrome”
  • Jon Tait - Deputy Head Teacher, Acklam Grange 
  • Paul K Ainsworth - Education Leader
  • Rose Drew- Anthropologist and poet
  • Alan Gillott - Poet
  • Laurence O’Reilly - Poet
  • Charli Goodfellow - Poet
  • Raja Saggi - Head of B2B Marketing, Google UK
  • Anja-Karina Pahl - Programme Director, The Future of Inspiration CIC 
  • Jacky Fitt - Author “How to get inside someone’s mind and stay there”
  • Clive Head - International Artist 
  • Helen Whittaker - Stained Glass Artist
  • Julia Baker - Digital Development and Communications Learning and communication 
  • Jonathan Tait-Harris - UN Advisor and Head of Business Development, International Location Safety 
  • T.J. Cook - CEO Causelabs 
  • Adrian Asher - Global Head of IT Security, HSBC.
  • Craig Gillchrist - CEO Created in Eden