Timeline - Art of Richard Stuttle

A year of change, after leaving the legal industry in July from my role as Head of Design I ventured back to hospitality as Creative Director of a Pub and Restaurant company called Boothwood Ltd. Taking over the creative direction, marketing and design for the company as well as implementing Google for Business and complete back office solution across all sites.

My working life was changing and heading down a completely different pathway, recruited in 2014 by the CEO of Law Firm rradar to offer artistic consultancy I was now working full-time.

rradar is a unique law firm educating and empowering businesses with world-leading legal, advisory and design services.

Snowboarding has been a major influence over the years, painting on snowboards and mountain commissions came in to force in 2014. Painting on canvas has moved forward on to painting on snowboards giving a real essence of where the board has been and what the rider has done. The finished pieces have a real energy and are completely unique.

The Wedding Package made an impact, an interesting collection of artistic fields came together to create a desirable package for any Bride and Groom.

Working with: Nikki Bowling Photography | Victoria Edwards Makeup | Angela's Angel Cakes | Art of Richard Stuttle brought these talented and creative people together in one amazing package. 

A record breaking summer for the UK, hosting the 2012 London Olympics. After the spectacle of the Olympiad the artists work begins. I set to work creating a series of paintings immortalising Gold medalist athletes on canvas, capturing their amazing talents, highlighting their dedication and training to show in paint what it takes to win Olympic Gold.

Agora Gallery New York, USA. United in Art - New York Exhibition 4th - 25th of June. A collection of Artists from different parts of the world come together to celebrate and exhibit their new and exciting artwork.

I travelled to New York for two months, attended the exhibition and used my time to teach and plein air painting around the city. Based in East Village I was plugged directly in to the art scene and attended many art shows, also visiting the Hamptons for relaxation and painting.

Living in London is an event in itself, I spent the summer painting watercolours and oils around the city. With a studio at the Chocolate Factory in Wood Green I spent many days working on large projects in the studio. Also painting on location in famous locations around the city. 

Parkour is a training discipline that developed out of military obstacle course training. Practitioners aim to move quickly and efficiently from one place to another, negotiating the obstacles in between. Popularised in France by David Belle and others in the 1990s and 2000s, parkour uses no equipment other than that found around a cities streets.

Solo Exhibition - A Season's Art, 22nd March - 4th April, France.

Two large canvas oil paintings for the British Ski Championships of Sophie Readman and TJ Baldwin, similar in composition to highlight the power and energy of racing. Paintings In association with Whitetracks a selection of large scale oil paintings depicting alternative winter sports from hot air ballooning to bob sled and helicopter flights.

Antalya 45th International Film Festival.

Invitation to Turkish International Film Festival as the Official Artist, commissioned to paint a series of large oil paintings capturing the excitement and stars of the Antalya 45th International Film Festival.

"I’ve always been interested in art and have a great love for the old masters; Rembrandt, Turner and Caravaggio, amazing Artists on wonderful journeys. Through travel I have found a new universe of potential, from sunsets and landscapes of Australia to the dramatic mountain ranges of the French Alps, nature inspires. Art is everywhere and a painting at every turn.