Art Lecture

Richard Stuttle is an accomplished inspired lecturer and teacher, he speaks passionately about his work and how he approaches new projects. His work as an artist and designer has taken him around the world working with many different clients and companies.

“Talking about the fundamentals of art and design has always been important to me, the more you can talk about an idea the better it forms in the mind. This brings it one step closer to creation in reality.”

His hands on approach has been well received by clients and students, by offering insights and working methods he aims to teach in a way that maximises learning and expression.





Painting | Digital

  • Composition and Design | In-depth discussion around composition, dimensions and perfect structure.
  • Colour and Tone | Colours and blends, looking at a various techniques to explore the full tonal range.
  • Watercolour and Landscape | From first sketch to finished watercolour, the complete process of painting on location.
  • Oils in the Studio | Creating a formal oil painting, from first idea to finished works.

All courses and lectures are uniquely tailored to the needs of the group. Please get in touch for further information.

Creativity | Life

Through training and life experience has defined his own teaching techniques, workshops and courses:

Psychic Art | Teaching accurate portrait painting of spirit and the meanings of colours and symbols in pictures. Working with art and the spirit world using creative inspiration to produce art. Psychic links and Mediumship though art.

Limitless Potential | The Understanding of synchronistic events, realising and capitalising on opportunities. Perspective and understanding the mechanics of our environment. Using your body to become aware of energetic dynamics and the possibility of Limitless Potential. 

Public Speaking and Demonstrating | Inspired presentations and philosophies, understanding vibration and energy within group dynamics. Demonstrations and platform work in Psychic Art and Mediumship.

Mental phenomena involves both mind and body, understanding information received and been able to relay that information in a tone and vibration that people can understand.

Spirituality | Energetics

Science | A fact is only truth until it's disproved, scientists are constantly working to expand our horizons. By learning new techniques and developing abilities we are able to reclassify common beliefs. 

Philosophy | Is understanding of light, nature and truth. This can be interpreted in many different ways. If we look into nature and see the light of its essence we will find the truth. The words God, Religion and Science have such stigma and corrupted meaning, it's the responsibility of the individual to interpret them to their own way. 

Religion | Belief that our spirit will live on and we are in this world for the progression of our soul. There is a spark of ‘God’ within us all just as there is a spark of the ‘Devil’. We have the capacity for both extremes, its free will and choice that defines us. 

Spiritual National Union (SNU) Qualifications:

  • B1 Basic Spiritualism
  • SD1 Basic Speaking and Demonstrating
  • SD2 Phenomena of Spiritualism
  • SD3 Teaching of Spiritualism

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