York Based British painter Richard Stuttle isolates the intense, fleeting beauty of extreme sports in superbly crisp, spectacular and often-vertiginous oil compositions. From pristine slopes in the French Alps, where he spends winters painting and snowboarding, to gritty city streets where he follows skateboarders and parkour practitioners, Stuttle alternates between nearly photographic hyperrealism and a vividly lit and stylised aesthetic evocative of Expressionist woodblock prints.

Both approaches suggest passionate reverence for athletes. When meticulously detailed, his paintings pay tribute to the perfected physical and mental conditioning of contemporary athletes in a manner similar to classical Greek sculpture. In the comparatively more dramatic urban scenes, the silhouetted sportsmen become mysterious creatures more akin to superheroes.



In both cases, Stuttle foregrounds the sublime rush of sports like skiing and surfing, transferring their surge of adrenaline to gripping tableaux. Figures are perfectly composed yet simultaneously on the verge of losing control.

Stuttle focuses our attention on his sharply rendered athletes, beacons of poise amidst blurred landscapes tumbling off into the distance.

An Artist is a person engaged in one or more of any of a broad spectrum of activities related to creating art or practicing the arts. The painter is a practitioner in the visual arts, their life choice is one of creation.

Artists Statement

"I’ve always been interested in art and have a great love for the old masters; Rembrandt, Turner and Caravaggio were all amazing Artists on wonderful journeys. Through travel I have found a new universe of potential, from sunsets and landscapes of Australia to the dramatic mountain ranges of the French Alps, the natural world always inspires. Painting a picture requires time and energy, thought and vision. A painting highlights the feeling and atmosphere of a scene, the world is an interpretation of what's seen through the eyes of an individual, making art purely unique to the artist who had the thought to create it."