• Travis Rice | The Art of Flight

    Professional Snowboarder Travis Rice, big powder turn while filming for The Art of Flight snowboard film.

  • New York City Skyline

    A large scale canvas created for an exhibition in New York at the Agora Gallery.

  • The Saulire

    A fantastic and beautiful mountain in the heart of The Three Valleys.

  • Playing Piano

    Freeing your imagination through the freedom of music.

  • Aysgarth Falls

    Watercolour painted on location in the Yorkshire Dales following the JMW Turner Trail.

  • Dobson and Murray Wedding
    Dobson and Murray Wedding

    Wedding Commission | A painting is the perfect Wedding Gift.

  • Sequence

    Parkour | Amazing athletes performing on manmade structures.

York Based British painter Richard Stuttle isolates the intense, fleeting beauty of extreme sports in superbly crisp, spectacular and often-vertiginous oil compositions. From pristine slopes in the French Alps, where he spends winters painting and snowboarding, to gritty city streets where he follows skateboarders and parkour practitioners, Stuttle alternates between nearly photographic hyperrealism and a vividly lit and stylised aesthetic evocative of Expressionist woodblock prints.

Both approaches suggest passionate reverence for athletes. When meticulously detailed, his paintings pay tribute to the perfected physical and mental conditioning of contemporary athletes in a manner similar to classical Greek sculpture. In the comparatively more dramatic urban scenes, the silhouetted sportsmen become mysterious creatures more akin to superheroes.